Toshiba M200 User Manual

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Exploring Your Computer’s Features
Setting up for communications
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Accessing a LAN
To access a LAN:
At the office, you can connect the network Ethernet cable 
to the RJ45 jack on your computer.
Your computer may be equipped for wireless 
communications. If so, see 
From home or while on the road you will need a dial-up 
connection. Ask your network administrator for the 
telephone number to access the network.
Using wireless LAN connectivity
The transmission speed over the wireless LAN and the 
distance over which wireless LAN can reach may vary 
depending on surrounding electromagnetic environment, 
obstacles, access point design and configuration, and client 
design and software/hardware configurations. The actual 
transmission speed will be lower than the theoretical 
maximum speed.
Your system may come with an optional wireless LAN 
module. This is a technology that expands wireless 
communication beyond networking equipment, and can 
connect many different kinds of electronic devices without 
the need for cables. 
For information on how to set up a wireless connection, refer 
to your wireless networking device documentation or your 
network administrator.
To use your wireless communication, slide the wireless on/off 
switch to the On position.
For help with common Wi-Fi networking problems, see 
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