Toshiba M200 User Manual

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Using ConfigFree™ with your Toshiba Computer
Using the Automatic Switch
5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3
Using the Automatic Switch
The Automatic Switch feature allows the computer to 
automatically switch profiles the next time it is powered on. 
This feature is particularly useful if you want your computer 
to automatically switch from the network configuration you 
use in your office to the one you use at home.
The Auto Switch feature contains options for automatically 
switching between wired and wireless devices. With these 
options, the computer automatically switches to a wireless 
LAN network when the cable of the wired LAN network is 
removed from the computer. When the cable is reconnected, 
the connection to the wired LAN is re-established. 
To use the Automatic Switch feature:
Right-click the 
 icon in the system tray.
Click Auto Switch. The Auto Switch dialog box appears.
Check Enable Wireless when cable disconnect occurs
Click OK
If your computer is connected to multiple wireless LAN 
devices, the Auto Switch (SSID) feature is disabled. To enable 
this feature, only one wireless LAN device can be used.
Semi-Automatic Switch Feature
The Semi-Automatic feature alerts you when the computer 
connects to a Service Set Identifier (SSID) stored in a profile, 
When the computer connects to the designated SSID, a 
notification window appears. You can then click this window 
to connect using the settings specified in the profile. 
To use the Semi-Automatic Switch feature:
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