Toshiba M200 User Manual

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Getting Started
Connecting the modem
5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3
Connecting to a phone line 
Before you can communicate using the modem, you need to 
connect it to a telephone line. Your computer’s built-in 
modem provides an RJ11 jack.
Plug one end of a telephone cable (purchased separately) 
into the modem port on the left-side of the computer. 
Connecting the telephone cable to the modem port
Connect the other end to the RJ11 wall jack.
Connecting to a wall jack
The modem is designed for use with a standard analog 
telephone line. Never connect the modem to a digital 
telephone line. A digital line will damage the modem.
Now you are ready to send a fax or use the modem to connect 
to an online service or the Internet.
For more information on using a modem, se
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