Sony STR-DH100 Specification Guide

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Key Features
2ch Audio Receiver
100W x 2 ( 8 ohms 1kHz 1% THD)
5 Audio Inputs
2 Audio Outputs
Key Technologies
2ch Audio Receiver
Perfect for use in a small room for music playback from the built in tuner, 
external devices like a CD player, or a compatible MP3 Players using an option DM Port cradle. The 
unit also doubles as a great amp for multi-room distribution systems like Sony’s ES Lind of Receivers.
Stereo Power Rating: 100W x 2 (8 ohms, 40 Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.09%)
Good sound quality with little 
distortion even at high volumes
Digital Media Port
5 Audio Inputs and 2 Audio Outputs
Gives the Receiver the flexibility to work with a variety of 
audio components like CD players and recorders.
A & B Speaker Switching for Front Speakers (8 - 16 ohm speakers only)
Allows you to use extra 
speakers and select which ones you wish to us or use them both. Run speakers to another room 
and listen to the receiver in that room.
1/4" Headphone Jack Output
Allows you to use headphones instead of speaker.