Sedna se-p5d User Guide

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1.  Instruction 
1.1  Summary 
Plug SE-P5D into your computer’s USB port, you can make and 
receive skype calls. Phone rings for all incoming calls, dial 
Skype contacts and SkypeOut numbers from the phone. With 
dot-matrix LCD, ear-phone socket, keypad and ringer, it is easy 
to use it just as mobile phone.   
1.2 Features 
1. Dot-matrix graphic LCD, backlight 
2. Dial skype contacts (speed dial number) and SkypeOut 
number by phone keypads     
3. With ear-phone socket, easy to free your hands 
4. Phone rings for all incoming calls, ring style selectable by 
phone keys 
5. Caller ID function for skype calls, support multi-language display. 
6. Easy to review skype contacts and call list on LCD 
7. Echo cancellation, noise reduction, full dulplex communication 
1.3 System Requirements 
1. Windows 2000 or XP 
2. 400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port 
3. 128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space 
4. Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup 
1.4 Package Contents 
1. One SE-P5D 
2. One user manual 
3. One installation CD