Thiel cs1.6 Quick Setup Guide

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THIEL’s Award-winning sound
The extraordinary THIEL PowerPoint
 1.2  brings a new level of performance
to a speaker category that usually compromises sonic performance for usabil-
ity. The PowerPoint combines the remarkable THIEL 
Coherent Source
and phase technology with a unique wedge-shape enclosure and coaxial
driver mounting to solve the reflection and room coverage problems found in
conventional speaker surface-mounting. The new all-aluminum cabinet greatly
improves sonic clarity for the most outstanding realism in its class.
• Very uniform, full-room coverage due to unique, angled, close-
boundary cabinet design and coaxial/coplanar driver mounting
• Extraordinary imaging, space and depth reproduction due to
greatly diminished boundary reflections in combination with THIEL’s
trademark phase and time coherence.
• Excellent clarity and detail provided by innovative, very low
distortion drivers and very rigid all-aluminum enclosure.
“…the single most
extraordinary—the best —
home theater product I
have encountered…
a breakthrough in sonic
—Tom Miiller,
The Perfect Vision,
November/December 2000
“A real breakthrough
product…the ideal
surround monitoring
—Tom Jung,
Pro Audio Review, May 2003
• The Perfect Vision’s  “Editor’s Choice” 2001-04 Award Winner
• Home Automation’s “Editor’s Pick” Top 50 Product
• The Perfect Vision’s  “Best Buy” Recommended Product
Quotes and awards are for the original PowerPoint