WowWee cinemin swivel Quick Setup Guide

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Getting started
To use your Swivel, follow the ste  ps below:
Make sure Swivel is off. Remove the battery cover and insert the battery. 
Replace the battery cover.
Charge the battery by connecting Swivel to the AC/DC adaptor (or 
computer) using the USB cable.  
The battery status indicator should pulse orange. When Swivel is fully 
charged, the indicator will be solid orange. This takes about four hours.
To turn Swivel on, slide the power switch to On 
Using the iPod/iPhone adaptor (if required) and/or other cable(s) (either 
included or sold separately), connect your personal media player 
(not included) to Swivel. 
Press play on your personal media player.
Adjust the focus, volume and projection angle as required.
IMPORTANT: Your personal media player TV output signal must be set to 
NTSC in order to work with Swivel. Refer to the user manual for your personal 
media player to learn how to change the settings.
Connecting your personal media device
You can connect Swivel in a number of different ways, depending on your setup.
Refer to the following sample arrangement, using Swivel and its included accessories. 
AC/DC power adapter (with multiple plugs)
USB (A) to mini USB (B 
 5 pin) cable  
(for connecting Swivel to AC/DC adaptor or computer for charging only)
iPod/iPhone adaptor  
(with AV out and mini USB (B – 4 pin) port for connecting to computer
USB (A) to mini USB (B 
 4 pin) cable  
(for connecting iPod/iPhone adaptor to computer for charging or syncing data to your iPod/iPhone
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable  
(for connecting iPod/iPhone adaptor to Swivel)
3.5mm to AV composite cable  
(for connecting Swivel to a media player, for instance, a DVD player)  
NOTE: To use the 3.5mm to AV composite cable, attach the AV connectors to your media player 
(i.e. DVD player) and connect the 3.5mm jack to Swivel. You do not need the iPod/iPhone adaptor.