ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
  E-SATA Port & USB Combo Port (on selected models)
External SATA or eSATA allows external connection of Serial-
ATA devices originally designed for use inside the computer. 
It is up to six times faster than existing USB 2.0, & 1394 for 
external storage solutions and is also hot pluggable using 
shielded cables and connectors up to two meters. See USB 
Port for description.
  Display (Monitor) Output
The 15-pin D-sub monitor port supports a standard 
VGA-compatible device such as a monitor or projector to 
allow viewing on a larger external display.
  Kensington® Lock Port
The Kensington® lock port allows the Notebook PC to 
be secured using Kensington® compatible Notebook PC 
security products. These security products usually include 
a metal cable and lock that prevent the Notebook PC to 
be removed from a fixed object. Some may also include a 
motion detector to sound an alarm when moved.
  Power (DC) Input
The supplied power adapter converts AC power to DC 
power for use with this jack. Power supplied through this 
jack supplies power to the Notebook PC and charges the 
internal battery pack. To prevent damage to the Notebook 
PC and battery pack, always use the supplied power 
The adapter may become warm to hot when in use. Ensure 
not to cover the adapter and keep it away from your body.
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