ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Crossed-out Touchpad (F9): Toggles the built-in 
touchpad LOCKED (disabled) and UNLOCKED (enabled). 
Locking the touchpad will prevent you from accidentally 
moving the pointer while typing and is best used with an 
external pointing device such as a mouse. NOTE: Selected 
models have an indicator between the touchpad buttons 
will light when the touchpad is UNLOCKED (enabled) and 
not light when the touchpad is LOCKED (disabled).
Crossed Speaker Icons (F10): Toggles the speakers ON 
and OFF (only in Windows OS)
Speaker Down Icon (F11): 
Decreases the speaker volume (only in Windows OS)
Speaker Up Icon (F12): 
Increases the speaker volume (only in Windows OS)
Fn+C: Toggles “Splendid Video Intelligent Technology” 
function ON and OFF. This allows switching between 
different display color enhancement modes in order 
to improve contrast, brightness, skin tone, and color 
saturation for red, green, and blue independently. You 
can see the current mode through the onscreen display 
Fn+V: Toggles “Life Frame” software application.
Power4Gear Hybrid (Fn+Space Bar): This key toggles 
power savings between various power saving modes. 
The power saving modes control many aspects of the 
Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery 
time. Applying or removing the power adapter will 
automatically switch the system between AC mode and 
battery mode. You can see the current mode through the 
on-screen display (OSD).
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