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Notebook PC User Manual
Memory (RAM)
Additional memory will increase application performance by 
decreasing hard disk access. Visit an authorized service center or 
retailer for information on memory upgrades for your Notebook PC. 
Only purchase expansion modules from authorized retailers of this 
Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. 
The BIOS automatically detects the amount of memory in the 
system and configures CMOS accordingly during the POST (Power-
On-Self-Test) process. There is no hardware or software (including 
BIOS) setup required after the memory is installed.  
WARNING! Disconnect 
all the connected 
peripherals, any 
telephone or 
telecommunication lines 
and power connector 
(such as external power 
supply, battery pack, 
etc.) before installing or 
removing a memory.
Installing a Memory Card:
Removing a Memory Card:
(This is only an example.)
(This is only an example.)
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