ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Safety Precautions
The following safety precautions will increase the life of the 
Notebook PC. Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as 
described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel.  
Battery safety warning: 
DO NOT throw the 
battery in fire. DO NOT 
short circuit the contacts. 
DO NOT disassemble the 
DO NOT leave the 
Notebook PC on your lap 
or any part of the body 
to prevent discomfort 
or injury from heat 
DO NOT expose to dirty 
or dusty environments. 
DO NOT operate during a 
gas leak.
DO NOT expose to 
strong magnetic or 
electrical fields.
DO NOT expose to or 
use near liquids, rain, 
or moisture. DO NOT 
use the modem during 
electrical storms.
DO NOT press or touch 
the display panel. Do not 
place together with small 
items that may scratch or 
enter the Notebook PC. 
DO NOT place on 
uneven or unstable work 
surfaces. Seek servicing 
if the casing has been 
DO NOT place or drop 
objects on top and 
do not shove any 
foreign objects into the 
Notebook PC.
Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery pack(s) before 
cleaning. Wipe the Notebook PC using a clean cellulose sponge 
or chamois cloth dampened with a solution of nonabrasive 
detergent and a few drops of warm water and remove any extra 
moisture with a dry cloth.
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