ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Hardware Problem - Built-in Camera
The built-in camera does not work correctly.
1.  Check “Device Manager” to see if there are any problems. 
2.  Try reinstalling the webcam driver to solve the problem. 
3.  If the problem is not solved, update the BIOS to the latest 
version and try again. 
4.  If the problem still exist, contact your local service center and 
ask an engineer for assistance. 
Hardware Problem - Battery
Battery maintenance.
1.   Register the Notebook PC for a one-year-warranty using the 
following website:
2.   Do NOT remove the battery pack while using the Notebook 
PC with the AC adaptor to prevent damage caused by the 
accidental power loss. The ASUS battery pack has protection 
circuitry to prevent over-charging so it will not damage the 
battery pack if it is left in the Notebook PC. 
Hardware Problem - Power ON/OFF Error
I cannot power ON the Notebook PC.
1.   Power On by Battery only? (Y = 2, N = 4)
2.   Able to see BIOS (ASUS Logo)? (Y = 3, N = A)
3.   Able to load the OS? (Y = B, N = A)
4.   Adapter power LED ON? (Y = 5, N = C)
5.   Power ON by Adapter only? (Y = 6, N = A)
6.   Able to see BIOS (ASUS Logo)? (Y = 7, N = A)
7.   Able to load the OS? (Y = D, N = A)
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