ASUS n73sv User Guide

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Notebook PC User Manual
Internal Modem Compliancy
The Notebook PC with internal modem model complies with 
JATE (Japan), FCC (US, Canada, Korea, Taiwan), and CTR21. The 
internal modem has been approved in accordance with Council 
Decision 98/482/EC for pan-European single terminal connection 
to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). However due 
to differences between the individual PSTNs provided in different 
countries, the approval does not, of itself, give an unconditional 
assurance of successful operation on every PSTN network 
termination point. In the event of problems you should contact your 
equipment supplier in the first instance.
On 4th August 1998 the European Council Decision regarding the 
CTR 21 has been published in the Official Journal of the EC. The CTR 
21 applies to all non voice terminal equipment with DTMF-dialling 
which is intended to be connected to the analogue PSTN (Public 
Switched Telephone Network). 
CTR 21 (Common Technical Regulation) for the attachment 
requirements for connection to the analogue public switched 
telephone networks of terminal equipment (excluding terminal 
equipment supporting the voice telephony justified case service) 
in which network addressing, if provided, is by means of dual tone 
multifrequency signalling.
Network Compatibility Declaration
Statement to be made by the manufacturer to the Notified Body and 
the vendor: “This declaration will indicate the networks with which 
the equipment is designed to work and any notified networks with 
which the equipment may have inter-working difficulties”
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