Gateway 600ygr User Manual

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Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard
This package includes a replacement keyboard for your Gateway 600 notebook 
computer and these printed instructions.
Tools you need
You will need a small Phillips and a small flat blade screwdriver to replace 
the keyboard.
Preventing static electricity discharge
The components inside your computer are extremely sensitive to static 
electricity, also known as electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Before replacing the keyboard, follow these guidelines:
Turn off the computer power.
Wear a grounding wrist strap (available at most electronics stores) and 
attach it to a bare metal part of the computer.
Touch a bare metal surface on the back of the computer.
Unplug the power cord and modem and network cables.
Remove the battery.
ESD can permanently damage electrostatic 
discharge-sensitive components in the computer. Prevent 
ESD damage by following ESD guidelines every time you 
open the computer case.
To avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and 
moving parts, turn off your computer and unplug the power 
cord and modem and network cables before opening the 
To prevent risk of electric shock, do not insert any object 
into the vent holes of the notebook.

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  • Page 1Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard This package includes a replacement keyboard for your Gateway 600 notebook computer and these printed...
  • Page 2 Before working with computer components, follow these guidelines: ■ Avoid static-causing surfaces such as carpeted floors, plastic, and packing...
  • Page 3 Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard 7 Pull the bezel off the notebook. You will hear small snapping sounds as...
  • Page 4 9 Remove the keyboard by raising the back edge, then slowly rotating it toward you so it lies keys-down...
  • Page 5 Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard 10 Disconnect the keyboard by lifting the keyboard connector using two fingers. Be careful...
  • Page 6 Important The outside of the keyboard plug goes around the keyboard connector. The plug is correctly oriented if the...
  • Page 7 Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard 4 Insert the front of the keyboard under the palm rest. 5 Gently press...
  • Page 8 6 Replace the five keyboard screws. 7 Slide the two tabs found on the left end of the bezel...
  • Page 9 Replacing the Gateway 600 Keyboard The bezel is correctly mounted when you can run you finger along the bezel...
  • Page 10Safety, Regulatory, and Legal Information Refer to your user’s guide for important safety, regulatory, and legal information. © 2002 Gateway,...
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