Minox dc 6211 User Manual

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Playing Back Still Images/Video Clips on a TV
You can also playback your images on a TV screen. Before connecting to any
devices, make sure to select NTSC / PAL system to match the video output
system of the video equipment you are going to connect to the camera, then
turn all connected devices off. It is also recommended to use the AC power
adapter/charger while transferring the recorded images and video files.
1. Slide the mode switch to [   ].
2. Connect one end of the A/V cable to the
conversion adapter terminal of the camera.
If you use the conversion adapter to
connect the A/V cable, insert the
conversion adapter into the conversion
adapter terminal of the camera first, and
then connect one end of the A/V cable
to the A/V terminal of the conversion
3. Connect the other end to the A/V input
socket of the TV set.
4. Turn the TV and camera on.
5. Play back the still images / video clips.
The method of operation is the same
as playing back still images and video
clips on the camera.
Refer to section in this manual titled “Video Output” in the Setup Menu
(In Playback Mode)
 for further details.
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