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Zoom Playback
This mode also allows you to enlarge your image on the selected portion of the
image to check for small details.
1. Slide the mode switch to [   ].
2. Press the    /    buttons to select the
image you want to enlarge.
You can also select the image you want
to enlarge from the thumbnail display.
3. Adjust the zoom ratio with the 
Pressing the 
 button enlarges the
To return to normal magnification, press the 
The image is displayed enlarged, and the magnification factor is displayed
on the LCD monitor.
4. Press the   /   /   /   buttons to select the area to enlarge.
5. To return to regular display, toggle the 
 button until the regular display
appears on the screen.
 The range of magnification factor is from 1x to 4x in 0.5x increments.
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