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Resizing an Image (Resize)
Resizes a previously saved image.
Resizing replaces the original image with the changed image. Only resizing
to the smaller size is available.
The following images cannot be resized:
Image size (640 x 480)
Image captured with other camera
Protected images
Video clips
Images cannot be resized when
the SD card is write-protected
1. Select the image that you want to resize.
2. Press the MENU button.
3. Select [Resize] with the S/T buttons, and press the SET button.
4. Select the image size that you want to change with the S/T buttons, and
press the SET button.
To quit resizing, press the MENU button.
When resizing ends, the screen returns to playback mode.
It  is possible to reduce the size of an image. It is not possible
to increase the size of an image, or to restore size after it  has
been  decreased.
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