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 [   ] Erasing Images
Erasing at Photography Mode (Quick Delete Function)
Quick delete function enables you to erase the image during photography.
The quick delete menu provides you to directly erase the last image without
further settings.
1. Slide the mode switch to [   ] or [ 
2. Press the   button.
The last image and quick delete menu
appear on the screen.
3. Press the SET button to erase the image.
To not erase, select [Cancel], and press
the SET button.
Erasing at Playback Mode
Erasing single image / Erasing all images
1. Slide the mode switch to [   ].
The last image will be displayed on the screen.
2. Select the image you want to erase with the W / X buttons..
3. Press the   button.
The deletion menu will be displayed.
4. Select [Single] or [All] with the S /  T
buttons, and press the SET button.
Erases the selected image or
the last image.
Erases all of the images on the SD card except for the
protected images.
Erases a number of selected images.
5. Select [Execute] with the S / T buttons, and press the SET button.
To not erase, select [Cancel], and press the SET button.
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