Minox dc 6211 User Manual

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Step 2: Connecting the Camera to Your Computer
1. Turn on the camera.
2. Slide the mode switch to [ ] or [ ].
3. Press the MENU button, and select [Setup]
menu with the X button.
4. Select [USB] with the S / T buttons, and press
the SET button.
5. Select [PC] with the  S / T  button, and press
the SETbutton.
6. Connect one end of the USB cable to the
conversion adapter terminal of the camera.
7. Connect the other end of the USB cable to an
available USB port on your computer.
The [USB] is displayed on the screen.
8. From the Windows desktop, double click on
“My Computer”.
9. Look for a new “Removable disk” icon. This
“Removable disk” is actually the memory card
in your camera. Typically, the camera will be
assigned drive letter “e” or higher.
10.Double click on the removable disk and locate the DCIM folder.
11.Double click on the DCIM folder to open it to find more folders.
Your recorded images and video clips will be inside these folders.
Copy & Paste or Drag-N-Drop image and video files to a folder on
your computer.
Mac users:
Double-click the “untitled” or “unlabeled” disk drive icon on our
desktop. iPhoto may automatically launch.
The data saved to the SD card may be damaged if the power to the
camera is cut off during image transfer. We recommend that you use the
AC power adapter /charger when connecting the camera to the PC.
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