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Step 3: Downloading Images and Video Files
When the camera is turned on and connected to your computer, it is considered
to be a disk drive, just like a floppy disk or CD. You can download (transfer)
images by copying them from the “Removable disk” (“untitled” or “unlabeled”
disk on a Macintosh) to your computer hard drive.
Open the “removable disk” and subsequent folders by double clicking on
them. Your images are inside these folder(s). Select the images that you want,
and then choose “Copy” from the “Edit” menu. Open the destination location
(folder) and choose “Paste” from the “Edit” menu. You may also drag and drop
image files from the camera to a desired location.
Open the “untitled” disk icon, and the destination location on your hard disk.
Drag and drop from the camera to the desired destination.
Do not open the battery cover during USB cable connection.
Memory card users may prefer to use a memory card reader (highly
Video playback application is not included with the package. Make sure
that video playback application has been installed in your computer.
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