Minox dc 6211 User Manual

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Video mode -
Record video clips with voice.
Voice memo -
A voice memo can be recorded once for 30
seconds at photography mode immediately
following a still image captured or at playback
mode while viewing the images.
Thumbnail display -
Display in sets of nine images on the LCD monitor
for  easier and quicker selection of images.
TV and PC connection - View images on a television monitor or computer
while connected to the USB or A/V cable.
DPOF settings -
Allow you to embed printing information on your
SD card and to print your images on a DPOF
compatible printer by simply inserting it.
Scene mode-
You may select a previously set recording mode
for the following situations: Program AE,
Panorama, Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night,
Candlelight, Text, Sunset, Sunrise, Splash water,
and Firework.
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