Viewsonic TD2420 User Manual

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Using the LCD Display
Setting the Timing Mode
Setting the timing mode is important for maximizing the quality of the screen image 
and minimizing eye strain. The 
timing mode consists of the resolution (example 
1024 x 768) and 
refresh rate (or vertical frequency; example 60 Hz). After setting 
the timing mode, use the OSD (On-screen Display) controls to adjust the screen 
For optimal picture quality, please use the recommended timing mode specific to 
your LCD display listed on the “Specification” page.
To set the Timing Mode:
Setting the resolution: Access "Appearance and Personalization" from Control 
Panel via the Start Menu, and set the resolution.
Setting the refresh rate: See your graphic card’s user guide for instructions.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your graphics card is set to 60Hz vertical 
refresh rate as the recommended setting for most LCD displays. Choosing a non-
supported timing mode setting may result in no image being displayed, and a 
message showing “Out of Range” will appear on screen.
OSD and Power Lock Settings
OSD Lock: Press and hold [1] and the up arrow ▲ for 10 seconds. If any buttons 
are pressed the message 
OSD Locked will display for 3 seconds.
OSD Unlock: Press and hold [1] and the up arrow ▲ again for 10 seconds.
Power Button Lock: Press and hold [1] and the down arrow ▼ for 10 seconds. 
If the power button is pressed the message 
Power Button Locked will display 
for 3 seconds. With or without this setting, after a power failure, your LCD 
display’s power will automatically turn ON when power is restored.
Power Button Unlock: Press and hold [1] and the down arrow ▼ again for 10 
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