Sony SSE-BTR1 Manual

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SSE-BTR1 [U, E, KR, CEW, EE] (GB)  4-567-644-11(1)
Get personal training with 
Smart B-Trainer™
With the sensor in the headphones and the 
app, you will get an effective training program 
with music and audio guidance.
Preparation of the device
1.  Check what’s in the box
2. Charge
Preparation of the app
3. Download the “B-Trainer” app
4. Start the app and wear the 
(Refer to the overleaf for how to 
wear the device.)
Preparations with this Startup Guide 
are finished
Follow the instructions of the app
What’s in the box
Smart B-Trainer™ (1)
USB cradle (1)
(one pair for each size)
Swimming earbuds 
(one pair for each size)
Adjustment covers for 
Heart rate sensor 
(one pair for each size)
Adjustment band
Startup Guide (this 
document) (1)
Important Information (1)
Warranty card (1)
Carrying pouch
• The LED will turn on when charging
• The first charge takes around 1.5 hours
Download the “B-Trainer” 
If downloading from App Store™ or Google 
You can use your smartphone’s NFC to 
download the app.
1.  Make sure your NFC setting is enabled.
2.  Touch the N-mark on your smartphone to 
the N-mark on the headphones.
3.  Follow the on-screen instructions.
• The above operation is an example. Refer to 
the manuals of your smartphone for more 
• The NFC function may not be available 
depending on your smartphone or its OS.
Open the app and follow 
the setup instructions
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