Sony ATS-SW10Ti Specification Guide

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iPod® dock with wireless subwoofer
Key Features
Compatible with iPod® and iPhone™  
Superb sound quality with deep bass 
and clear highs
Wireless subwoofer included
Expandable with optional S-AIR™  
enabled speakers
Play iPod® and radio in separate 
rooms simultaneously
S-AIR™  wireless technology for multi-
room listening
Included IR Wireless remote
LCD display for unit function and 
playback status
Key Technologies
Compatible with iPod® and iPhone™
Simply dock your iPod® or iPhone™ and your music will 
play to a high output speaker and subwoofer.
Superb sound quality
The Dock for iPod® plus Subwoofer brings your favorite songs to life with 
superb audio quality. Enjoy crisp, clear highs from the two speakers, and deep, resonant bass from 
the included wireless subwoofer.
Wireless subwoofer included
The included wireless subwoofer lends your favorite music a pleasing 
depth and resonance without sacrificing higher frequency performance.
Optional expandability
The Dock for iPod® plus Subwoofer can be paired with up to 8 additional S-
AIR™  client speakers (sold separately) that allow you to transmit high quality audio from your iPod to 
multiple rooms in your home.
Multi-source capability
The Dock for iPod® plus Subwoofer is able to transmit separate signals to 
each optional S-AIR premium speaker (sold separately), allowing you to listen to the music stored on 
your iPod® while someone else listens to their favorite radio station in another room.
Wireless remote
Control your iPod® or iPhone™ from across the room using the included IR wireless 
remote control.
LCD Display
The Sony® Dock for iPod® plus Subwoofer features a LCD display for communicating 
unit functions and displaying playback status.