Netgear AirCard 779S (AT&T) – AT&T Unite Express User Manual

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Advanced Settings 
 AirCard 779S Mobile Hotspot
Tethered Mode
You can use your hotspot in tethered mode (connected to a computer using the USB cable) 
instead of connecting to it using Wi-Fi.
By default, a host driver is installed the first time you connect your mobile hotspot to the 
computer via the USB cable. This driver enables the mobile hotspot to connect to the Internet 
when it is tethered to a USB port on the computer via the USB cable instead of using the 
Wi-Fi network.
If you do not want to use this feature and want to use the USB cable only to charge the 
mobile hotspot battery, you can set the host driver not to install.
To set the host driver not to install:
Launch a web browser from a computer or wireless device that is connected to the 
Enter http://attwifimanager or
A login screen displays.
Enter the password in the Sign In field.
The default password is attadmin. The password is case-sensitive.
Select Settings > GENERAL > Software and Reset.
Clear the check box next to Install driver when connecting to Windows or MAC computers 
with a USB cable.
The Submit button appears once you make a selection.
Click the Submit button.