Xerox DocuShare Support & Software Installation Guide

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Xerox DocuShare Express Installation
System requirements
Windows 2003 Server with SP2 or R2 (32 and 64 bit); Windows 2008  
     Server SP2 (32 and 64 bit); or Windows 2008 Server R2 (64 bit)
3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon MP processor or greater
3 GB RAM or greater
20 GB free disk space or greater
Web server
DocuShare Express includes a version of the Tomcat web servlet as part of 
its functionality. The servlet is installed by the DocuShare Express installer.
DocuShare Express includes a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server Express 
1. Insert the DocuShare DVD-ROM into the server DVD-ROM drive. The 
DocuShare setup should start automatically. If you have disabled Auto-
Run, double-click 
 in the DVD root directory. 
The installation program uses Java to install the product. It takes a few 
minutes to unpack and start Java. An onscreen status indicator is not 
available while JVM completes its installation. 
A language selection screen displays.
2. If you want to install a language pack in addition to English, choose 
the language you want and click 
The DocuShare Welcome screen displays.
3. Click 
 to start the DocuShare installation. Follow the onscreen 
4. When the installer completes the DocuShare installation, click 
close the installer.
5. Reboot the system. DocuShare initial startup automatically updates 
the search indexes; allow five minutes before accessing the site via a 
Connect to your DocuShare server
At the completion of the DocuShare installation, try connecting to your 
new DocuShare server using a web browser. The default URL is:
For users connecting to DocuShare from their systems, the URL is:
http://<server hostname>:8080/docushare
8080 is the default port for the Tomcat web servlet. If another 
application is using 8080, DocuShare will check and assign another 
port number to its URL. 
If the installation was successful, you should be viewing the default 
home page of your new DocuShare server. The home page has links to 
many useful features and to several pre-installed collections. User and 
Administrator tutorials are available via the 
DocuShare login
You can log in as 
 at this time, using the password you created 
during the installation. You need to license the server to enable adding 
content to your server.
License DocuShare Express
DocuShare Express is distributed as a restricted use server. 
To license your DocuShare Express server:
1. Log into the DocuShare server as 
, using the password you 
created during the installation.
2. On the navigation bar, click 
Admin Home
3. From the Administration menu, click 
Site Management | License
4. Record or copy your server Host ID.
5. Email the server Host ID along with your customer information to 
the Xerox Teleweb Center at
 or call 
1-800-735-7749 (option 2) and a DocuShare Express license will be 
generated and sent to you.
Configure DocuShare Express
Refer to the 
DocuShare Administrator Guide to configure your 
DocuShare site. Click the 
 link on the DocuShare home page to 
access the 
DocuShare Administrator Guide.