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The goals of web design
Lesson 1, Planning Your Website
Be creative during the planning process
The planning stage can be a fun part of the site creation process, because this is where you 
can propose those crazy ideas that may never make it onto the fi nal site. You want to avoid 
limiting yourself, as there will be time for a reality check once the designing and coding 
begins! Keep in mind that in the early stages of site development, collaboration is important. 
Whether it involves user testing or receiving feedback from a wireframe, if you learn how to 
collaborate and incorporate good ideas into your design, your fi nal product will benefi t.
Early sketches should be drawn quickly
It’s OK for the early sketches of your web pages to be loose, lacking in detail, and 
incomplete. It’s more important to capture your initial ideas in some form. Sketches 
are cheap and disposable, so don’t focus on the quality of a sketch; focus on the ideas 
behind it.
Failure is an option!
You are unlikely to get concepts right the fi rst time. In fact, you may not be trying 
hard enough if you aren’t discarding some ideas for layout, imagery, or themes for 
your site.
Accept criticism
Web design can be a tough fi eld, and your designs and ideas will at some point be 
questioned or knocked-down. Try not to take it personally when this happens. That 
mockup you worked on all day really may not be a good fi t for the project. If you 
can keep an open mind, and collaborate with others, your design will ultimately be 
stronger. You may even fi nd that ideas rejected from one project might be a good fi t 
for some future site.
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