Cisco DNCS System Release 2.7 3.7 4.2 Design Guide

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Access the Diagnostic Screens 
78-4001708-01 Rev B 
Access the Diagnostic Screens 
Explorer DHCT Front Panel Buttons 
This section provides procedures to help you use the Explorer DHCTs to access and 
navigate the diagnostic screens, to display a blended image, and to exit the 
diagnostic screens. 
You can access the diagnostic screens by pressing a combination of buttons on the 
front panel of the Explorer DHCT. The buttons that you press differ among the 
various models of Explorer DHCTs. The following illustrations show the buttons on 
the front panel of the Explorer DHCTs that you use to access the diagnostic screens. 
After pressing the buttons on the front panel, the Message LED will flash. This 
indicates that diagnostic screens are ready to access. Go to Accessing Diagnostic 
Screens Using Explorer Front Panel Buttons (on page 4) for steps to access the 
diagnostic screens. 
To access the diagnostic screens on any of the SSC DHCTs, use the button 
combination shown in the following diagram.