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DHCT Out-of-Service Implications 
DHCT Out-of-Service Implications 
When the administrative status of a DHCT is changed from in-service two-way or  
in-service one-way to out-of-service, the IP address of that DHCT is removed from the 
DNCS database. Removing this data from the database signals to the DNCS that the 
IP address is now available for reprovisioning.  
While it appears, from a DNCS perspective, that the IP address was correctly 
provisioned to a new DHCT, the physical IP address is still in use on the network by 
the previous DHCT. The DHCT with the newly provisioned IP address will be 
unable to complete the sign-on process and will ultimately become a chronic  
non-responder until the IP address is released from the DHCT's stored cache via a