Cisco DataLINXS Rack Mount Fiber Optic Enclosures Data Sheet

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Scientific-Atlanta offers a complete line of fiber optic jumpers to service all CATV network 
applications.  The Prisma
 Fiber Optic Jumpers include high quality components and are 
manufactured to comply with industry standards for optical, mechanical, and environmental 
performance.  The wide selection of connectors, cable types, and lengths ensures that 
jumpers can be optimized for each unique installation. 
As transmission platforms become denser, there is a need to route more fiber through smaller 
spaces.  To accommodate this ever-increasing challenge, the standard fiber cable diameter 
for simplex jumpers is 2mm.  Using 2mm diameter cable can more than double the fiber 
capacity of overhead fiber routing troughs while making fiber management easier in tightly 
packed cabinets.  There is a 3mm option to match jumpers in legacy networks. 
Singlemode jumpers use the industry-recognized SMF-28 fiber and the connectors may be 
ordered with an angled physical contact (APC) end face finish, to reduce back reflections to 
less than -60 dB.  Multimode jumpers are available with either 62.5- or 50-micron core sizes to 
match system requirements.  Multimode connectors are polished to a physical contact 
standard for back reflections lower than -40 dB. 
Prisma Jumpers are also available in a premium grade that is 100% tested to meet rigorous 
optical, geometric, and surface defect specifications.  Premium grade jumpers have 
demonstrated significant improvements in network performance and reliability for high power, 
high bit rate systems. 
Scientific-Atlanta offers standard jumper lengths of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 meters.  Customized 
lengths can be ordered in 1-meter increments up to 30 meters, and 5-meter increments to 50 
meters, for those applications where standard lengths will not suffice. 
•  Singlemode (9/125) and multimode (62.5/125 and 50/125) jumpers in simplex or duplex 
•  Connector types include SC, FC, LC, E2000, and MT-RJ. 
•  Singlemode connectors are available with angled physical contact (APC) finish to 
minimize back reflection. 
•  Standard grade jumpers available for quick delivery. 
•  Customized fiber lengths, connector pairs, and hybrids can be specified. 
•  Premium grade jumpers for ultra-high-performance applications. 
Fiber Management 
 Fiber Optic Jumpers 

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