Cisco Cisco OptoStar II Driver Amplifier Installation Guide

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Laser Safety, Continued 
Safe Operation for Software Controlling Optical Transmission Equipment   
If this manual discusses software, the software described is used to monitor and/or 
control ours and other vendors’ electrical and optical equipment designed to 
transmit video, voice, or data signals. Certain safety precautions must be observed 
when operating equipment of this nature. 
For equipment specific safety requirements, refer to the appropriate section of the 
equipment documentation.   
For safe operation of this software, refer to the following warnings. 
  Ensure that all optical connections are complete or terminated before using 
this equipment to remotely control a laser device. An optical or laser device 
can pose a hazard to remotely located personnel when operated without their 
  Allow only personnel trained in laser safety to operate this software. 
Otherwise, injuries to personnel may occur.   
  Restrict access of this software to authorized personnel only.   
  Install this software in equipment that is located in a restricted access area.   
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