Cisco Cisco OptoStar II Driver Amplifier Installation Guide

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Important Safety Instructions 
Read and Retain Instructions 
Carefully read all safety and operating instructions before operating this equipment, 
and retain them for future reference. 
Follow Instructions and Heed Warnings 
Follow all operating instructions. Pay attention to all warnings and cautions in the 
operating instructions, as well as those that are affixed to this equipment. 
he terms defined below are used in this document. The definitions given are based 
on those found in safety standards. 
Service Personnel-The term service personnel applies to trained and qualified 
individuals who are allowed to install, replace, or service electrical equipment. The 
service personnel are expected to use their experience and technical skills to avoid 
possible injury to themselves and others due to hazards that exist in service and 
restricted areas. 
User and Operator-The terms user and operator apply to persons other than service 
Ground(ing) and Earth(ing)-The terms ground(ing) and earth(ing) are synonymous. 
This document uses ground(ing) for clarity, but it can be interpreted as having the 
same meaning as earth(ing). 
Electric Shock Hazard 
his equipment meets applicable safety standards. Refer to this equipment’s data 
sheet for details about regulatory compliance approvals. 
Avoid electric shock! Opening or removing the equipment cover may expose 
you to dangerous voltages. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel 
Electric shock can cause personal injury or even death. Avoid direct contact with 
dangerous voltages at all times. 
Know the following safety warnings and guidelines: 
Only qualified service personnel are allowed to perform equipment installation or 
Only qualified service personnel are allowed to remove equipment covers and 
access any of the components inside the chassis. 
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