Cisco Cisco Edge 300 Digital Media Player Licensing Information

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Open Source Used In Cisco Edge 300 switch 1.5.0
This document contains the licenses and notices for open source software used in this product.With respect to 
the free/open source software listed in this document, if you have any questions or wish to receive a copy of the 
source code to which you are entitled under the applicable free/open source license(s) (such as the GNU 
Lesser/General Public License), please contact us at your requests 
please include the following reference number 78EE117C99-33996362
1.1 a52dec 0.7.4
     1.1.1 Available under license
1.2 acct 6.5.5
     1.2.1 Available under license
1.3 acl 2.2.49
     1.3.1 Available under license
1.4 adwaita-cursor-theme 3.0.2
     1.4.1 Available under license
1.5 agg (without Generic Polygon Clipper) 2.5
     1.5.1 Available under license
1.6 alsa-driver 1.0.23
     1.6.1 Available under license