TELE System TS1.4 LU 23500049 Leaflet

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TS1.4 LU
2.4 GHz digital wireless headphones
Product codes
TS1.4 LU: 23500049
The wireless Digital headphones TS1.4LI make high-fidelity audio transfer possible wherever you are.
You just need to connect the transmitter through the suitable Line-in and USB port, to an audio
source (computer, stereo HI-FI, MP3 player, etc.). The receiver gives you the possibility to change the
signal source quickly and easily (up to 4 different channels) and to transfer wireless the audio signal
to the receiver connected to the headphones included in the kit. If connected to a a computer it will
be supplied directly thought the computer USB port without needing to be linked to an electric plug.
Transmitter with Line-In and USB port
Receiver integrated in the headphones
Automatic source tracking
USB cable included
2 AAA batteries included
Up to 30 meters maximum receiving distance without obstacles
Frequency range
2400-2483,5 Mhz