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FireSIGHT System User Guide
Chapter 55      Using Health Monitoring 
  Understanding Health Monitoring
You can use the health monitor to check the status of critical functionality across your FireSIGHT 
System deployment. Monitor the health of your entire FireSIGHT System through the Defense Center 
by applying health policies to each of the managed devices and collecting the resulting health data at the 
Defense Center. Pie charts and status tables on the Health Monitor page visually represent the health 
status for monitored appliances, so you can check status at a glance, then drill down into status details 
if needed.
You can use the health monitor to access health status information for the entire system or for a particular 
appliance. The Health Monitor page provides a visual summary of the status of all appliances on your 
system. Individual appliance health monitors let you drill down into health details for a specific 
You can also view health events in the standard FireSIGHT System table view. From an individual 
appliance’s health monitor, you can open a table view of occurrences of a specific event, or you can 
retrieve all the health events for that appliance. You can also search for specific health events. For 
example, if you want to see all the occurrences of CPU usage with a certain percentage, you can search 
for the CPU usage module and enter the percentage value.
You can also configure email, SNMP, or syslog alerting in response to health events. A health alert is an 
association between a standard alert and a health status level. For example, if you need to make sure an 
appliance never fails due to hardware overload, you can set up an email alert. You can then create a health 
alert that triggers that email alert whenever CPU, disk, or memory usage reaches the Warning level you 
configure in the health policy applied to that appliance. You can set alerting thresholds to minimize the 
number of repeating alerts you receive. 
Because health monitoring is an administrative activity, only users with administrator user role 
privileges can access system health data. For more information on assigning user privileges, see 
Except for the Defense Center, FireSIGHT System devices do not have health monitoring policies 
applied to them by default. Managed devices report hardware status automatically via the Hardware 
Alarms health module; if you want to use other modules to monitor a managed device, you must apply 
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