Cisco Cisco Firepower Management Center 4000 Manual

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FireSIGHT System User Guide
Chapter 3      Using Dashboards 
  Understanding the Predefined Widgets
You can hover your pointer over a disk usage category in the By Category stacked bar to view the 
percentage of available disk space used by that category, the actual storage space on the disk, and the 
total disk space available for that category. Note that if you have a malware storage pack installed, the 
total disk space available for the Files category is the available disk space on the malware storage pack. 
For more information, see 
You can configure the widget to display only the By Category stacked bar, or you can show the stacked 
bar plus the admin (
, and 
 partition usage, as well as the 
 partition if the 
malware storage pack is installed, by modifying the widget preferences.
The widget preferences also control how often the widget updates, as well as whether it displays the 
current disk usage or collected disk usage statistics over the dashboard time range. For more information, 
Understanding the Interface Traffic Widget
The Interface Traffic widget shows the rate of traffic received (Rx) and transmitted (Tx) on the 
appliance’s enabled interfaces over the dashboard time range. It does not appear by default on any of the 
predefined dashboards.
The widget preferences control how often the widget updates. On managed devices, the preferences also 
control whether the widget displays the traffic rate for unused interfaces (by default, the widget only 
displays the traffic rate for active interfaces). For more information, see 
system troubleshooting files and other miscellaneous files
free space remaining on the appliance
Table 3-6
Disk Usage Categories (continued)
Disk Usage Category
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