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ISD400 Intelligent Spooling Device
The ISD400 Intelligent Spooling Device provides for the 
high availability of all printing services by taking over 
the complete print spooling function in a network prin-
ting environment. While the tried and proven ISD300 is 
designed as a compact appliance for workgroups, small 
branch offices etc. and for the operation outside of the 
server rack, ISD400 is a full-blown enterprise spooling 
appliance. With a 19 inch casing and the same set of 
value-added features as the smaller ISD300, ISD400 is 
based on a much more powerful hardware platform, 
ready to easily sustain about three times as many 
connections: Depending on the existing infrastructure 
ISD400 manages up to 450 users and 150 printers. 
Benefit now from a seamlessly scalable print spooling 
Also available as RAID version ISD410 for extra high 
reliability and system stability!
Typical Fields of Application
•  Networks with highly complex, overworked server
•  Medium to large networks
•  Non-centrally organized networks using appliance
•  WANs with low bandwidth or dial-in connections  
(Server-based computing, desktop virtualization)
•  Operation as ThinPrint .print Gateway for up to  
150 printers
Target Groups
•  Medium and large enterprises and organizations
•  Enterprises and organizations with subsidiaries and  
branch outlets 
•  Users of ThinPrint installations
•  Central and efficient management of all print jobs and
queues in a network
•  Many print job management options: Prioritizing,
deleting, halting, re-routing to alternative queues, etc. 
•  Many queue management options: Setting up balance
and copy queues, blocking queues, etc.
•  ISD Manager for easy management of several appliances
(monitoring and management of updates, back-ups, 
queues, and printer drivers etc.)
•  ThinPrint .print Client, operation as ThinPrint Gateway  
for up to 150 network printers
•  Platform for filter applications of third-party vendors  
(e.g. barcode printing)
•  Compatible with all Ethernet standards including Gigabit
•  IPv6-enabled
•  Optional service packages
•  3 year warranty