Cisco Cisco OptoStar II Driver Amplifier Installation Guide

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Important Safety Instructions, Continued 
This product may contain batteries. Special instructions apply regarding the safe use 
and disposal of batteries: 
Insert batteries correctly. There may be a risk of explosion if the batteries are 
incorrectly inserted.   
Do not attempt to recharge ‘disposable’ or ‘non-reusable’ batteries.   
Please follow instructions provided for charging ‘rechargeable’ batteries.   
Replace batteries with the same or equivalent type recommended by manufacturer.   
Do not expose batteries to temperatures above 100°C (212°F).   
The batteries may contain substances that could be harmful to the environment   
Recycle or dispose of batteries in accordance with the battery manufacturer’s 
instructions and local/national disposal and recycling regulations.   
The batteries may contain perchlorate, a known hazardous substance, so special 
handling and disposal of this product might be necessary. For more information 
about perchlorate and best management practices for perchlorate-containing 
substance, see 
This equipment has been designed and tested to comply with applicable safety, laser 
safety, and EMC regulations, codes, and standards to ensure safe operation in its 
intended environment. Refer to this equipment’s data sheet for details about 
regulatory compliance approvals. 
Do not make modifications to this equipment. Any changes or modifications could 
void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. 
Modifications have the potential to degrade the level of protection built into this 
equipment, putting people and property at risk of injury or damage. Those persons 
making any modifications expose themselves to the penalties arising from proven 
non-compliance with regulatory requirements and to civil litigation for 
compensation in respect of consequential damages or injury. 
Use only attachments or accessories specified by the manufacturer. 
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