Alesis wildfire User Manual

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A Tour of the Wildfire
The EFFECT knob is used for selecting effect modules, 
parameters and other settings to edit. Around the knob, 
you’ll see the names of sixteen different settings, 
including nine effect modules, four effect parameters 
(DRIVE and the three PARAMs) and two program-
level settings (LEVEL and ROUTE). The PLAY setting 
is what you’ll want to be in while playing your guitar 
through the Wildfire. 
Refer to chapter 10 for descriptions of the possible 
values for the effect modules and parameters. 
In PLAY mode, this knob lets you select a program. 
When you make a selection other than PLAY with the 
EFFECT knob, you are in edit mode, and the VALUE 
knob allows you to change the setting of the mode, 
parameter or global setting you have selected. Also, you 
can press this knob to store changes you have made to a 
DRIVE Knob (Wildfire 60 and 30 only) 
This knob gives you direct control of the DRIVE value, 
which is the parameter for the DIST module. Increasing 
the DRIVE value boosts the level of distortion and 
increases the loudness of the audio signal. 
When an effect program is recalled, the DRIVE value is 
also recalled from that program regardless of the 
position of the DRIVE knob. But once you turn the 
DRIVE knob, the program will jump to the new 
DRIVE setting, and the program will be edited, which is 
evidenced by a lit EDITED decimal point on the display. 
When you turn the DRIVE knob, the DRIVE value will 
appear on the display for a few seconds. You may also 
modify the DRIVE setting by turning the EFFECT 
knob to DRIVE and using the VALUE knob to change 
the amount of drive. 
If you turn the DRIVE 
knob when the DIST 
module is turned off, the 
display will show “--
and the audio signal 
will not be affected. 
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