Alesis wildfire User Manual

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Storing & Copying Programs
Arranging Programs for Performance 
You can use the copy function to arrange programs 
logically for easy recall during a performance. Take a 
typical song structure for example (intro, verse, refrain, 
etc.). For each part of the song, you may want to use a 
different effect program. To ensure uninterrupted 
performance, you can copy the programs used in the 
song into an order similar to the following example: 
Program Number 
Song Section 
A0 Introduction 
A1 Verse 
A2 Refrain 
A3 Verse 
A4 Bridge 
A5 Refrain 
With an arrangement like this, you can just press the 
Program Up button or footswitch once to progress to 
each section of your song. Using the 80 available 
program locations, you can even arrange the programs 
conveniently for multiple songs in a set. For example, 
you can use programs A0-A5 for the first song, 
programs A6-B0 for the second song, and so on. 
Another convenient way to switch programs during a 
performance is to enter deferred program-change mode, 
which is explained in chapter 8. 
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