Alesis wildfire User Manual

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Using the Tuner 
To Tune Your Guitar 
In Play mode, enter BYPASS 
 or MUTE 
mode by pressing the Program Up and Down 
buttons at the same time once (for BYPASS) or by 
holding them both down for more than half a 
second (for MUTE). The display will now show 
tuning information. 
Make sure your guitar is connected to the Wildfire, 
and play the open string you wish to tune. The left 
digit of the display indicates the pitch nearest that 
of the open string. If the # decimal point is lit, the 
note is a sharp. If it is not lit, the note is a natural. 
Look at the right digit of the display to determine 
if the pitch is correct. If the top four segments of 
the digit are rotating clockwise, then the pitch is 
higher than the pitch shown in the first digit. If 
the bottom four segments are rotating 
counterclockwise, the pitch is low. The more the 
pitch is off, the faster the rotation. If no pitch is 
detected, you’ll see a dash in the left digit. 
Tune the string until an 8
appears in the second 
digit, indicating that the string is in tune with the 
pitch displayed in the left digit. 
The visual guide on the next page shows what 
you’ll see on the display while tuning your guitar. 
Remember, the optional 
footswitches work the 
same way as the 
Program Up and Down 
buttons. Step on both 
footswitches once to 
enter BYPASS mode, 
and hold them down for 
more than half a second 
to enter MUTE mode. 
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