Alesis wildfire User Manual

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EFFECT Knob Settings 
Pedal-Controlled Phaser 
A phaser effect with its feedback controlled by the expression 
Varies the volume of the signal, creating a rising and falling effect. 
Higher values result in greater depth of variation. 
Pedal-Controlled Tremolo 
A tremolo effect with its depth controlled by the expression pedal.
Ring Modulation 
An effect that modulates the amplitude of the signal, giving it a 
metallic sound. Higher values result in greater modulation depth. 
Pedal-Controlled Ring Modulation 
Ring modulation with its depth controlled by the expression pedal.
Creates an effect similar to that of a voice box, adding a human-like 
crying effect to the sound. Higher values result in greater intensity. 
Pedal-Controlled Cry 
A cry effect with its filter frequency controlled by the expression 
Random Sample and Hold Step Filter 
For this effect, the filter cutoff frequency changes abruptly to a 
new psuedo-random value at a fixed time interval, producing an 
arpeggiator-like sound.
Pedal-Controlled Step Filter 
A step filter with its depth controlled by the expression pedal. 
Slow Attack 
Reduces the attack rate of the signal, slowing the rate at which the 
volume of the sound rises when you attack a string. Higher values 
result in higher sensitivity. 
Auto Pan 
Pans the signal back and forth from left to right at a constant rate 
determined by the PARAM setting. Higher values result in 
increased pan depth. 
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