Alesis wildfire User Manual

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EFFECT Knob Settings
Shifts the pitch of the signal up and down, creating a swirling 
effect. Higher values result in longer delay. 
Pedal-Controlled Flanger 
A flanger with its delay controlled by the expression pedal. 
Rotary Speaker
Emulates the sound of the classic rotary, creating a Doppler effect 
similar to that achieved by an organ’s rotating speaker. Higher 
values result in greater intensity and pan depth. 
Pedal-Controlled Rotary Speaker 
A rotary speaker effect with its intensity and pan depth controlled 
by the expression pedal. 
Adds fullness to your sound by emulating a chorus of multiple 
instruments. Higher values indicate greater modulation depth. 
Pedal Chorus 
A Chorus effect with its modulation depth controlled by the 
expression pedal. 
Pitch Transpose 
Transposes the pitch of the signal either up or down. P0 – P4 
transpose the pitch down a minor third, a major third, a perfect 
fourth and a perfect fifth respectively. P5 – P9 transpose the pitch 
up in the same manner. 
Variable Pitch Transpose Up 
Variably transposes the pitch upward from 0 to 2 octaves 
according to the setting of the direct-control parameter (PARAM) 
for FX1. 
Variable Pitch Transpose Down 
Variably transposes the pitch downward from 0 to 2 octaves 
according to the setting of the direct-control parameter (PARAM) 
for FX1. 
Turns off FX1. 
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