Alesis wildfire User Manual

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EFFECT Knob Settings 
PARAM (Direct-Control Parameter for FX1) 
This parameter modifies the operation of the effect selected for the FX1 
module. Changing between effect types with dissimilar value ranges will scale 
this value accordingly. For example, if you set Phaser to PARAM=63 and then 
switch to the Auto Wah effect, its PARAM value will be 12. Changing back to 
Phaser will result in a PARAM value of 63.  
Indicates the value of FX1’s direct-control parameter, according to 
the following: 
For Auto Wah, Phaser, Tremolo, Step Filter, Auto Pan, Flanger 
and Chorus, indicates the rate of the effect. 
For Ring Mod, indicates the rate of the modulation. 
For Slow Attack, indicates the rate of the attack. 
For Rotary Speaker, indicates the rate of the speaker rotation. 
For Pedal Pitch Transpose Up and Down, indicates the amount of 
pitch change in 1/4 semitones (from 1/4 semitone to more than 2 
octaves). Wet/dry mix is fixed at 100% wet. 
For Cry, indicates the sensitivity of the filter modulation. 
For Pitch Transpose with a fixed interval, denotes the wet/dry mix 
from 0 (100% dry) to 10 (50% wet, 50% dry) to 20 (100% wet). 
Indicates that the expression pedal controls the parameter. 
Indicates that the effect assigned to the FX1 module does not have 
a direct-control parameter (like Pedal Wah) or that FX1 is off.  
FX2 (Multi-Effect Module 2, Stereo Effects) 
This module gives you a choice of stereo effects. These effects include all those 
found in FX1 except for Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Chorus and Pitch Transpose. 
FX2 also gives you the following additional effect. 
Auto Phaser 
A phaser for which the delay is controlled by playing intensity. 
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