Alesis wildfire User Manual

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About the Wildfire 
Our Wildfire guitar amplifiers are compact and light, but 
extremely powerful. Perfect for both practicing and 
performing onstage, all three Wildfire models are 
endowed with the same professional-quality 
amplification system and features that make this line of 
amplifiers unique. Just take a look:
Wildfire Key Features
Three models: Wildfire 15 (15W RMS and 8” speaker), 
Wildfire 30 (30W RMS and 10” speaker) and Wildfire 60 (60 
W RMS and 12” speaker) 
On-board stereo effect processor with 9 effect modules that 
provide multiple selectable effects 
80 preset effect patches that you can fully edit, store and 
restore to the factory default settings 
Over 40 different effects with adjustable parameters and 
innumerable effect combinations 
Built-in auto-chromatic tuner 
Bass and Treble control knobs for direct EQing of the 
audio signal (Wildfire 60 only) 
Drive knob for direct control over the DRIVE parameter 
found in the effects processor (Wildfire 30 and Wildfire 60 
Speaker Output for connecting to an external 8-ohm speaker 
Stereo Link Output for connecting to the input of a second 
amplifier for true stereo output 
Input for an optional expression pedal for controlling 
effect parameters 
Input for optional footswitches for changing user programs 
Headphones jack for quiet, private playing in stereo 
AUX Input for a CD player or other line-level device—play 
along to your favorite songs! 
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