ASUS P4S800-MX User Manual

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ASUS P4S800-MX motherboard user guide
1.6.2 Installing the CPU
Follow these steps to install a CPU.
1. Locate the 478-pin ZIF socket on the motherboard.
2. Unlock the socket by pressing the
lever sideways, then lift it up to a 90°-
100° angle.
Make sure that the socket  lever is
lifted up to 90°-100° angle,
otherwise the CPU does not fit in
3. Position the CPU above the socket
such that its marked corner matches
the base of the socket lever.
4. Carefully insert the CPU into the
socket until it fits in place.
The CPU fits only in one correct
orientation. DO NOT force the
CPU into the socket to prevent
bending the pins and damaging
the CPU!
5. When the CPU is in place, push down
the socket lever to secure the CPU.
The lever clicks on the side tab to
indicate that it is locked.
6. Install a CPU heatsink and fan
following the instructions that came
with the heatsink package.
7. Connect the CPU fan cable to the
CPU_FAN1 connector on the
Socket Lever
90 - 100
Gold Mark