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Table/Desk Installation
1.  Choose a spot near an electrical outlet and a telephone jack.   Your phone requires a modular
telephone jack and a standard electrical outlet (110vAC).  The outlet should not be controlled by a wall
switch – if the switch is ever turned off, the phone will not operate properly.
2.  Install the base batteries.  Open the battery door on the bottom of the unit by pulling on the tab.
Insert the batteries, then close the door.  The batteries are used to save your messages in the event of a
power failure.  When the base batteries need to be replaced, the LO BATT BASE Light on the base
will blink.
3.  Set DIAL MODE switch.  Set the DIAL MODE switch on rear of the base unit to TONE if you have
touch tone service, or PULSE if you have dial pulse (rotary) service.  To change dial mode during a
call, see Temporary Tone in the Telephone Operation section.
4.  Connect the telephone line cord.  The telephone line cord has a snap-in plug on each end.  Insert one
of the plugs into the jack in the rear of the base unit.  Insert the other plug into a telephone jack.  Make
sure the plugs snap into place.
5.  Set the HANDSET RINGER switch (on, off).  Set the HANDSET RINGER switch on the base unit
to ON so the phone will ring.  When the switch is set to OFF, the phone will not ring.
6.  Fill in the telephone number card.  On the handset, insert a pointed object into the hole in the
window, and gently pry up the window until it pops out.  Write your phone number on the card and
replace the window.
7.  Install the flexible handset antenna.  The flexible handset antenna has a metal end with a threaded
tip.  Slide the metal tip straight down into the hole in the top of the handset.  When you feel the antenna
reach the bottom of the hole, turn the antenna clockwise slightly to make sure that the tip is set in place,
and then continue to screw the antenna clockwise until the rubber is snug against the top of the handset.
Do not overtighten the antenna.
8.  Plug in the power cord.  Plug the AC adapter on the power cord into an electrical outlet not controlled
by a wall switch.  When you connect the unit to an electrical outlet, the system automatically begins
formatting digital memory.  The Message Window begins to count down from 8 to 0.  When memory
formatting has been completed, “0” will blink in the Message Window to indicate that the system is on,
but an announcement has not been recorded.
9.  Charge the handset batteries for 10 hours.  Place the handset in the base and let the batteries charge
for 10 hours.  You can use your phone before the 10 hours are up, but be sure to return the handset to
the base so it can charge fully.  The CHARGING light on the base unit will light to show the batteries
are charging.
10.  Check for dial tone.  After the batteries are charged, pick up the handset and base antennas.  Now
press PHONE on the handset.  The PHONE Light should light, and you should hear a dial tone.
11.  Set Answering System Features.  To fully utilize this system, you need to:
a)  Set the clock
b)  Record an announcement

Summary of Contents of user manual for att 5630

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  • Page 18

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