Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 1
Introduction    1-3
You can export any document from the Desktop Manager as a graphic
in a .TIF file format.
Manipulate or Annotate a Document
You can manipulate or annotate any document placed in the Desktop
Manager—a document produced from sending or receiving a fax,
scanning an image, or importing a .TIF file. You manipulate a
document by scrolling through and viewing the contents of its pages,
removing a page, splitting the document, merging the document
with another document, or printing a document. You annotate a
document by adding a text annotation, stamp, highlighting, and
simple drawn graphic.
Set L60 Options
Options that affect certain operations of your L60 can be set manually
in the L60 itself or in the Desktop Manager. These options include
parameters that affect the sending and receiving of faxes, and the
assignment of speed dial numbers. The option settings you define in
the Desktop Manager override the corresponding option settings you
may have previously defined manually on the L60.
Desktop Manager Software Package
The Desktop Manager software package includes the following device
and interface drivers, and utility programs. The drivers allow the L60 to
communicate with software on your computer.
The drivers and the utility programs are automatically installed on your
system when you install the MultiPASS Desktop Manager for Windows
software package.
MultiPASS Desktop Manager for Windows
The MultiPASS Desktop Manager for Windows coordinates the
sending of faxes from your computer (PC faxes), the receipt of faxes
into your computer, and the scanning of images. The Desktop
Manager enables you to store and manage the resulting documents.
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