Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-20    Scanning
Chapter 6
Changing Gamma Curve Values
With the Gamma curve you can change the mid-tones of the image to
increase its contrast, and enhance the overall image. When you increase
the Gamma value, light areas are made lighter, and dark areas are made
For example, if you are scanning a photograph that has many dark tones,
simply adjusting the brightness and contrast may not improve the image
as effectively as adjusting the Gamma value.
To adjust the gamma value of an image:
1. On the Tone tab, click the Gamma button.
2. Move the Gamma slider to the left to decrease the mid-tone intensity,
and to the right to increase the mid-tone intensity, until the desired
effect is achieved. You can also type a value into the text box.
3. To return to the original Gamma curve setting, click Reset.
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