Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 6
   Scanning    6-21
Adjusting Histogram Tone Levels
You can use a histogram tool to adjust the tone shadow for the preview
Using the eyedroppers, you can sample the black-point, mid-point, and
white-point tone in the preview image and base the image tone settings on
the sampling. Using the corresponding text boxes, you can type a value in
the Black-point, Mid-point, and White-point text boxes.
Under the histogram chart, you can slide the black, grey, and white buttons
to adjust the tones. However, you cannot edit the histogram directly.
When you adjust the black-point, all tones in the image darker than the
selected black-point are adjusted to black.
When you adjust the mid-point, all tones in the image between the black-
point and the white-point are adjusted to the selected mid-point.
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